Stretch Therapy is a comprehensive exercise method that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation.

Its goal is to develop balance, mobility and strength by focusing on range-of-motion, or flexibility.

We have found it very effective for rehabilitation - that is to alleviate pre-existing problems, for example, knee, back, neck and shoulder pains.

We’ve also found it excellent for prehabilitation.

Prehab is about avoiding injuries before they happen. Prehab is about recognising the imbalances in our body and working on them so we can perform better in our chosen sport or activity.

In fact, the founder of Stretch Therapy, Kit Laughlin, trained in  Olympic lifting and was a middle-distance runner. While physically fit by the usual definitions, he was also exceptionally tight, suffered severe backaches and incurred various injuries. Which, actually, is not all that unusual among sports people.

Kit explored many methods to improve his flexibility, and over time, he developed this method called Stretch Therapy™. It has proven safe and effective, not just through his experience, but also through the experience of teachers and advanced practitioners around the world. Kit maintains an open forum for feedback and discussion on the techniques used.

Stretch Therapy is practised in small group or individual classes by thousands of people worldwide, and is suitable for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.