What our students say:

“I really learned to ‘get into’ a stretch and to feel the muscles in my body being loosened and tightened. My muscles felt worked out (in a very good way) after the workshop.
Highly recommended for all ages, body types, genders and fitness levels. A stretch a day keeps the aches and tightness at bay!”

Avid runner Ong Kian Ming, Member of Parliament for P102 Bangi

“I fell and hurt my left leg so badly I could barely walk. I could not straighten my knee. The doctor prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants and said I might need surgery.

Came to Stretch Therapy where Wai Kuan taught me multiple body-weight exercises to strengthen my leg muscles. I repeated those exercises everyday at home for about 1 hour and after less than a week, I was able to walk normally again!

No meds, no surgery, amazing results. Thank you very much Stretch Therapy!”

Khoo Jia Wen

“Most of the techniques were new for me even though I have been working out for last 20 years.

I found them extremely useful & truly effective in improving my ROM (Range of Motion). I felt it during my next day workout.

I definitely recommend this for everybody (age 8 to 88). They have varieties for everybody & every type (regression to progression).”

Yoga practitioner Khanvilkar Manoj

“Stretch Therapy exercises are spot on! I didn’t have to go for spinal surgery after all.  My problem was more muscular than structural.”

Retiree, early 70s

“I thought I would be tired after the 3-hour workshop but my body felt like I had a 3-hour massage. I felt so relaxed even though some of the stretches were quite intense.”

Former national swimmer, late 30s

“I suffer from cervical and lumbar spondylosis, which was made worse when I hurt my shoulders. I had been going for physiotherapy. Then I decided to try Stretch Therapy and they have helped me to manage my pain and stiffness much better. Before attending the sessions I could not move my neck from right to left and vice verse. Now I am able to!”

Lim Swee Hoon

“Been practising yoga for years to relieve tightness and back pain. At Stretch Therapy, I was guided with clear instructions on how to stretch properly from spine to shoulder and neck. I learnt more about my body structures and full awareness and mindfulness to stretch effectively!”

Chiiye Zi-yu

“I have tried physiotherapy, yoga and had a gym personal trainer, but it was only through Stretch Therapy that my stiff shoulder and calf cramps in the middle of the night were resolved.”

Tax manager, early 30s

“ST helped me to recover from my backache. After learning the technique, I can practice it at home whenever I need relief from body ache.”

Ben Chan

“The Stretch Therapy methods to strengthen the hips and calves are very effective to overcome knee pain.”

Kassy Lim

“I had been suffering from severe lower back and shoulder pain for several months. Thanks to guidance from Wai Kuan and Chi Chang, these aches have been relieved tremendously. Stretch Therapy has also helped me to be aware of my body and the inter-connections between each part.”

Gan Li-Kim

“Magic! Learnt how to really get into the stretch and relieve my pains. 10/10 would recommend”

Kenneth Lim

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