What our students say:

“Stretch Therapy sessions with Wai Kuan have given me more energy to face my hectic schedule and a calmer mind, allowing me to enjoy better sleep after a gruelling day working for a better Malaysia.”

Nurul Izzah Anwar, Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh

“Stretch Therapy has improved my running performance. I never knew I was running using the wrong techniques, which caused me so many injuries.”

Lawyer and runner, mid-40s

“That night, after the Essentials Workshop, I fell asleep immediately as soon as I hit the bed, slept deeply and woke up feeling totally refreshed without the alarm. I don’t remember having this feeling since I was a child.”

Executive, late 20s

“Stretch Therapy exercises are spot on! I didn’t have to go for spinal surgery after all.  My problem was more muscular than structural.”

Retiree, early 70s

“I thought I would be tired after the 3-hour workshop but my body felt like I had a 3-hour massage. I felt so relaxed even though some of the stretches were quite intense.”

Former national swimmer, late 30s

“My leg pain is finally gone after this workshop, after I have tried so many treatments over so many years.”

Senior trainer at a bank, early 50s

“I can squat in a public toilet now!”

Communications consultant, mid-50s

“I have tried physiotherapy, yoga and had a gym personal trainer, but it was only through Stretch Therapy that my stiff shoulder and calf cramps in the middle of the night were resolved.”

Tax manager, early 30s

“My shoulders are no longer sore after working long hours in front of a computer. Now we are working on my chronic back pain.”

Investment banker, early 50s

“I really enjoy Stretch Therapy classes. I’ve found myself calmer and my temperament has mellowed towards my children and pupils.”

Teacher, late 30s

“I am impressed. In my first session at the workshop, I really felt the relief on my tight and overused hamstrings! Stretch Therapy is so much more effective than foam rollers, tennis balls, massage, etc.”

Seasoned cyclist, hiker, and runner, mid 50s

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