You can still benefit from Stretch Therapy even if you are unable to come to our centre. Our on-line students come from around the world – all the way from Melbourne to Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong; and London, New York and San Francisco!

After months of lockdown, I had a severe neck injury from doing home workouts. The Stretch Therapy team was very accommodating and taught me after hours (8pm for teacher Wai, 8am for me – I am in USA). Online via Zoom, not only did we work on my neck injury, but I also learned valuable knowledge on posture and how to safely workout while listening to my body!” – Krysta Amelia

The following online classes are available.

One-on-One Private Lessons

Enrol now to:

  • Resolve your nagging problems like back, knee or shoulder pains;
  • Master a sports skill area eg improve your golf/tennis swing, run more efficiently, do the handstand/pancake, develop ‘rooting’ for taiji/martial arts practice ….;
  • Learn the basics of Stretch Therapy; or
  • Deepen your practice of Stretch Therapy.

The fee is AUD475 for 5 one-hour sessions. The package is valid for 6 weeks, but as Stretch Therapy is an exercise-based method and regularity is important, it is highly recommended that you aim to complete the first 3 sessions within 2 weeks.

Malaysia-based students, please Whatsapp us at +6016 7820 230 to set your appointments and direct bank transfer the RM875 fee.

Classes for two persons or small private groups can also be arranged. Do Whatsapp us with your preferred requirements.

Online Starters’ Course

In 12 on-line lessons, you will be taught the key concepts and foundations that make Stretch Therapy so efficient for rehabilitation to relieve body pains and stiffness, to release tensions and improve sports performance.

The Starters’ Course will work all the major muscles including hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps AND the smaller muscles of the neck, ankles, hands and feet. Many of us are not even aware of these minor muscles which are crucial for efficient body movement but are not covered in your typical gym classes.

Please check our Facebook or Instagram pages for the dates for the next course.

Each intake is limited to 7 pax only. Enrol now to book your spot! The fee is only AUD415.

If the Course time is not suitable for your time zone, do Whatsapp/PM us for private arrangements. 

Malaysia-based students, please Whatsapp us at +6016 7820 230 to book your spot and direct bank transfer the RM690 fee.

Online Group Classes for experienced students

Currently we are live-streaming all our SSM classes so that those who choose to practice at home can join us. The schedule is shown on our Google calendar on the Classes & Fees page.

The fees are AUD100 for 4 classes (validity 5 weeks) and AUD200 for unlimited access to all classes, also valid for 5 weeks. 

Malaysia-based students can refer to the fee schedule on the Classes & Fees page and direct bank transfer. Please Whatsapp the transfer receipt to us at +6016 7820 230.