Class types

If you have a serious issue such as acute back/knee pains, frozen shoulder or other problems,  private sessions are the most effective way to Recover. You can subsequently join the group classes when your condition improves.

All other beginners should start with our group Absolute Beginners’ Course (ABC) where we teach the key concepts and foundations that make Stretch Therapy so effective for strengthening and relaxing bodies and minds.  You must pre-book as we limit each session to a maximum of 5 students. The first step is to please email or Whatsapp us at 016 7820 230. We will reply with a link to our registration form. Please provide all relevant information. The teacher will review the form to ascertain that the group class is suitable for you.

Our Essentials and Specialty Workshops are also usually open to new students. These  Workshops are usually held on Sundays. The dates will be announced in Google, Facebook and Instagram; or you can email/WhatsApp us to register your interest and we will contact you when the time is right.

Those who have mastered the basics can join our regular Stretch, Strength and Movement (SSM) classes to continue expanding your boundaries.  Cultivate physical and mental strength and suppleness: Recharge yourself to calmly navigate the stresses of modern lifestyles; and Renew your body to move with greater ease and fluidity in daily living or at your favourite sport.

If you have a peak performance goal – eg, Run faster, hit further, swing smoother, lift heavier, do the pancake/handstand AND minimise injuries so you can play harder for longer – do contact us for private sessions. Private sessions are also suitable for those interested in prenatal ST for pregnancy.


We teach in private sessions or small exclusive classes; with a maximum of 5 students in ABC and 15 in SSM classes.

We also welcome private groups and can do events including for special occasions such as birthdays/anniversaries or corporate team building – please email or Whatsapp us at 016 7820 230.

Come in your own group to enjoy bigger savings!

  • The above schedule is subjected to occasional changes/adjustments. Stay updated with our Google Calendar.
Refer to our Google Calendar below for:
  • The latest schedule; and
  • Private Class time slots – find a vacant time that suits you and WhatsApp us at 016 7820 230 to book. Depending on teacher availability, we can accommodate two private classes at any one slot.


Group Classes

  • All classes, except Long Classes, are 75 minutes. Long Classes are 2¼ hours long.
  • Maximum of 5 students in ABC classes.
Private Classes

Workshops/Long classes

  • All packages are non-transferable and not extendable under any circumstances.
  • For those who need Stretch Therapy but cannot afford the normal packages, we offer concessionary rates. Please check with us if you think you are entitled to a concessionary rate.