We teach in small exclusive classes with a maximum of 12 people, or in private sessions. Time is taken to explain and demonstrate the key points of each technique.

We do a fair amount of partner work, because that has been found to be extremely effective. We also use simple props (exercise aids) like blocks, bolsters, chairs and sticks to help students ease into the moves safely and stay there longer.

Our goal is to empower you to look after yourself, to become aware of what your body needs and how to revitalise it. At the same time, our students enjoy learning in a supportive environment.

New Students’ Prerequisite Course

This is the prerequisite to joining our regular classes if Stretch Therapy is new to you. You will learn the essential principles of the system, cues and important points of form. This is also a good time to ask any questions.

Once you have completed this course, you can attend our regular scheduled classes as well as classes in any Stretch Therapy centre in other parts of the world with confidence. Your investment is RM200 (RM180 if you're an early bird!) for 5 hours spread over 2, 3 or 4 sessions:

a) 2 sessions of 2 ½ hours each;
b) 3 sessions of 2 hours + 1 ½ hours + 1 ½ hours; or
c) 4 sessions of 1 ¼ hours each.

Please check our Facebook page for the dates of our currently running and upcoming Prerequisite Courses.

Stretch Therapy Open Classes

We have three types of open classes, of varying lengths:

We request our students to pay at least RM150 per transaction. This helps us to reduce administrative work and keep our fees reasonable. We will keep records and deduct accordingly from your balance when you attend classes.

Payments can be made directly to our bank account:
OCBC Bank Account No: 707 1293 842
Name: Stretch Therapy Centre Sdn Bhd

Sign up for our Pre-paid packages to enjoy great savings!

In addition to Stretch Therapy, taiji and Awareness-In-Motion self-protection  classes are also conducted at our boutique gym.

Registration Form for New Students

The Stretch Therapy exercise method emphasises safety and effectiveness. However, any physical exercise may result in injuries and you must inform the teacher if you have any injuries or conditions or of anything that a reasonable person would consider relevant before embarking on a physical exercise programme. 

Here is our registration form, and our policies and procedures. Please download, fill it up and return it to us.

Reg Form and Policies