Expand your Boundaries at Stretch Therapy™ Centre:

STRETCH to Recover, Recharge and Renew.

The unique Stretch Therapy method combines physical exercise with mindful awareness training to effectively rejuvenate the body and mind.

YOU are at the centre of the method: We work with you to recognise and then expand your boundaries.

Developed in Australia over three decades, Stretch Therapy has effectively helped thousands around the world to:

  • Recover – Rehab from injuries/conditions including frozen/tight shoulders; tennis elbow, back/knee pains in private sessions or at our specialty workshops
  • Recharge – Exercise away the stresses of modern lifestyles at our regular group classes
  • Renew – Stretch yourself to Peak Performance in your favourite sport. Run faster, hit further, swing smoother, lift heavier, do that handstand/pancake AND minimise injuries so you can play harder for longer.

Come join us today!